Initial Concerns

If you have any concerns then in the first instance you should raise these concerns with the individual who has day-to-day control of your matter. This is not part of our formal complaints process.

Formal Complaints

If this person cannot satisfactorily address your concerns and you wish to make a formal complaint then this needs to be done in writing (or by email) to our designated complaints manager, Lee Gregory. You can write to him at Units 5-7 Alpha Business Park, Whitehouse Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, or send an email to

Acknowledging your Formal Complaint

Upon receipt of your complaint it will be recorded in our complaints register. Only formal complaints addressed personally and specifically to Mr Gregory and acknowledged by him as such will be recorded and dealt with by him under our complaints proceedure. We will also send you a letter or email acknowledging your complaint.

We will review your file(s) and any other relevant documentation and send you a letter telling you how we propose to deal with your complaint. Examples of what we might say in this letter are as follows: