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Below is a list of estimated fees for items which may transpire as the transaction progresses. These fees are per transaction and relate to either a sale or purchase and do not include VAT. They are an estimate only and may be more. This list is not exhaustive and other issues or necessary work may arise which gives rise to additional fees being applied.

Costs for additional Services

Service Cost Service Cost
Statutory Declaration £500 Arranging Indemnity Insurance £150 per Indemnity
Arranging Additional Searches £100 Freehold Property with Management Company £500
Declaration of Trust £500 Tenanted Property £300
Registering a Declaration of Trust £300 Unregistered Property £450
New Build Property £750 Help to buy Mortgage £750
Fee for dealing with separate lenders Solicitors £750 Obtaining a Duplicate Guarantee or Certificate £100
Share of Freehold owned on Leasehold Property £500 Deed of Covenant £200
Shared Ownership property £500 Leasehold Property £400
Second and subsequent charges £350 per charge Requesting Planning Permissions £150
Returning Mortgage funds to Lender £100 Solar Panel Lease £500
Probate Sale £450 Green Deal Issues £250
Expediting Searches £100 Dealing with restrictions £300
Additional Title £400 per title Management Company Consent/ Certificate £200 per consent/ certificate
Expediting Searches £200 Dealing with restrictions on title £300
Obtaining a Lease, original or copy £200 Notice of Transfer or Mortgage £150 per notice
Gifted deposits £250 per gift Multiple bank transfers sent per transaction £20 per transfer
Auction Sale or Purchase £750 Dealing with more than one management co £300 per company
Non-booked attendance at our offices £50per attendance Translation of document £250-£500 per transaction
New Lease £1500 Matrimonial sale £400
Raising enquiries from Homebuyers Survey £300 Help to Buy ISA £50 per ISA
Lease Extension £1500 Complex AML Checks £100
Application to Alter Register £250 Dealing with Service Charge Retentions £250 per retention
Checking Vendor Provided Indemnities £150 per indemnity
Repossessed property £750 Dealing with Bridging loan £1500
Commercial £2000 Dead of Variation £1500
Dealing with Insolvency Matters £1000 Lenders Fee £350
Base Legal Fee for subsequent transactions where our no exchange no fee policy does not apply £400 Potentially flammable cladding £1000
Lifetime ISA £150
Expedition fees:      
General Expedition/ Priority Fee £500 per transaction Exchange and completion within 7 days of receipt of draft contracts £1000+
Completion within 10 working days of exchange of contracts
If no general expedition fee paid)
£250 per transaction Exchange and Completion within one month of receipt of draft contracts £850
Simultaneous exchange of contracts and completion
If no general expedition fee paid)
£500 per transaction Exchange and Completion within two months of receipt of draft contracts £650

Your legal fees for an abortive matter where our no exchange no fee policy does not apply, or for matters where our fixed fee does not apply, will depend upon the time spent on your case and the level of correspondence undertaken. Upon conclusion of the matter you file will be costed to ascertain the level of fee payable. The rates charged (exc vat) are: time spent £100 per half hour, letters and emails in £10 each, letters and emails out £20 each, telephone calls made/received £10 each, photocopies £10 in total unless more than 20 in which case 40p per page. These charges include our profit margin and postage. These rates may be increased if the matter requires prioritisation, expedition or becomes more complex than anticipated.