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Making a will

Plan to leave loved ones with their grief, not more uncertainty

While it might be uncomfortable to think ahead to what will happen after you die, it´s never too early to write your will. Formalising your final wishes will ensure your affairs are in order after your death, making your loss easier for your loved ones at a difficult time. Writing a will in Ipswich is simple with the help of Ross Coates Solicitors. Our team offers a fast and cost-effective service that ensures you cover everything you need, no matter your circumstances. Simply fill in your details and someone from our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.


At Ross Coates, we know that no two wills will ever be the same; everyone has different circumstances and wishes. However, we like to keep our pricing as simple as we can, so you know where you stand with our fees. For single wills, we offer a fixed fee of £180 + VAT. For mirror wills (for example, where a couple make almost identical wills, leaving everything to each other), we charge a fixed fee of £300 + VAT. A codicil, which is an amendment or supplement to an existing will, costs £100 + VAT. If, after our initial discussion, it´s clear you have unusually complex will requirements, then fees will be a little higher. We´ll always give you an estimate first.

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